Health & Safety Policy Statement

Health and Safety is a fundamental part of good management and operational 
practises and is integral to all Bars Refurb Solutions Ltd. activities. We recognise our legal responsibilities for the health and safety of employees and subcontractors and any others who may be affected by our operations.

Our aim is to ensure that we achieve excellent health and safety performance throughout our operations and the development of a positive health and safety culture. We believe that this adds real value to our business beyond ensuring legal compliance.

We achieve our aim through:

• Identifying, assessing and controlling levels or risk so that they can be regarded as low as is reasonably practicable

• Developing and continuously improving our policy and risk-based safety management system to ensure legal compliance and beyond

• Planning and delivery our work to ensure that we provide suitable resources in terms of finance, equipment, people and competence of our employees

• Providing employees with the necessary premises, training and equipment to enable them to carry out their work in a safe and healthy manner

• Ensuring adequate and competent supervision of all employees and contractors

• Securing the commitment and involvement of employees in improving safety through effective communication and consultation

• Collecting and analysing information on incidents

Monitoring and reviewing the management of the health and safety system with continuous implementing and improvement of actions as appropriate. 
Our target is to eliminate accidents that cause harm to people and business. We measure our performance through reviewing our incident data, our own monitoring and that of our clients and reports on non-compliances. 
Responsibilities for health and safety management are defined in our HSE manual that also includes details of our arrangements and how we will achieve our policy and commitments.

Key responsibilities include:

Robert Oldfield is the person responsible for the co-ordination of Health, Safety and Welfare matters and will ensure the policy of the company is implemented. Specific duties may be undertaken by other persons within the company in order that the policy is effectively implemented.

The company’s Health and Safety Advisor, Robert Oldfield in liaison with Dave Murphy will give guidance and advice on all aspects of Health, Safety and Welfare. All employees are reminded that they have a statutory duty to co-operate with their employer fully in compliance with their duties imposed under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and associated legislation and that any concerns for their own safety (and that of others) must be reported to their Line Manager.

David Murphy
Managing Director